Registration is open for the SusChem 2017 Brokerage event, which will take place on 18 October 2017 in Brussels, Belgium.

The Horizon 2020 work programme for 2018-2020 is expected to be officially published in October and until then you can consult a Commission document that describes the context for the entire strategic programming process, which will guide the preparation of the work programme itself, here:


Grant-It and the SusChem brokerage event

Participants can propose their project ideas for the 2018 and 2019 calls of Horizon 2020 on GRANT-IT – a one-stop access to funding opportunities from the European Commission and Regional and National governments in the field of sustainable chemistry.

SusChem members can use GRANT-IT resources for free to search for funding, identify project opportunities, propose project ideas and search for potential project partners. SusChem members can log-in with their SusChem username and password.

Submitting your project ideas via GRANT-IT will make it available to the whole SusChem community and allow interested partners to contact you for meeting requests when the brokerage speed dating tool is open.

For more information and registration, please visit the SusChem 2017 Brokerage event registration portal or contact SusChem Secretariat atsuschem [at] suschem [dot] org.

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Environmental policy can increase growth and create jobs

1 July, 2014

According to a report published by the European Commission’s DG Environment, effective environmental policy can promote economic growth and create new jobs. Through a number of case studies and statistics, the report concludes that investing in Europe’s environment makes good economic sense.


Natural resource prices increase as unsustainable consumption patterns continue

25 June, 2014

According to the International Resource Panel's latest report, ‘Decoupling 2: Technologies, Opportunities and Policy Options’, current consumption patterns are rapidly depleting the world’s non-renewable resources. The report suggests that the increased prices for metal, rubber and energy – which have risen by 176%, 350% and 260% respectively since 2000 – demonstrate that the negative effects of the unsustainable use of natural resources are already being felt.


European Commission publishes list of critical raw materials

25 June, 2014

The European Commission has published a list of 20 raw materials that are critical to Europe’s economy, including gallium, indium and heavy rare earth elements. The list will help set the priorities for mining and recycling activities, support trade agreements and promote research and innovation. Companies dealing with these raw materials will also find the information useful.


Ljubljana wins European Green Capital Award for 2016

25 June, 2014

Slovenian capital Ljubljana has been named European Green Capital 2016 at a ceremony in Copenhagen, the current holder of the Green Capital title.


Ljubljana was commended for raising environmental awareness amongst its citizens. The jury also recognised its sustainability strategy 'Vision 2025', which brings together plans covering environmental protection, mobility, energy and electric transport. In addition, Ljubljana has made significant progress in implementing green procurement policies covering 70 % of all city purchases.


Circular economy is the logical solution for Europe

20 June, 2014

Europe must make the transition from its current linear economic model towards a more circular one. This was the key topic of discussion at this year’s Green Week, entitled ‘Circular economy – saving resources, creating jobs’. 


Green Action Plan for SMEs will boost resource efficiency

20 June, 2014

A Green action plan for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to be published soon by the European Commission, will set out a series of measures that are proposed to be taken at European level to encourage resource efficiency among SMEs, to promote “green entrepreneurship” and to make it easier for SMEs to access domestic and international markets for eco-innovative products and services.


European Commission has launched a new website on Circular Economy

13 June, 2014

The European Commission Directorate-General  Environment has produced a website page explaining what is a circular economy and the benefits it will bring to Europe in terms of new growth and job opportunities. It provides basic information on circular economy and several links to other sources of information including a new factsheet on the circular economy in three languages English, German and French.


Moving towards a circular economy - website


ISO 14001 revision has moved to a new phase

12 June, 2014

ISO 14001 is one step closer to a new version following a week of meetings in Panama where experts discussed the environmental management system standard as well as other important documents dealing with greenhouse gas emissions and water footprint.


From 23 – 28 May, international experts resolved comments and questions submitted during the revision process of ISO 14001 and the Draft International Standard (DIS) is now expected to be published in early July.


European Energy Security Strategy released

6 June, 2014

The European Commission has released its European Energy Security Strategy to address the importance of a stable and plentiful supply of energy for Europe’s citizens and economy. The strategy, which encompasses the European Union’s drive to ensure that energy supplies are uninterrupted and energy prices remain stable, was outlined by European Commission President, José Manuel Barroso, at a recent high-level conference on energy security (‘Paving the way for a European Energy Security Strategy’).


Survey on standards and sustainable development

18 April, 2014

Danish Standards (DS) asks for cooperation on a survey about existing as well as needs for standards that can contribute to sustainable development. Focus is on environmental sustainability within the product, process and management system standards.


Here is a list of the national mirror committees that have beeninterviewed in Denmark:


- CEN TC 33 Doors, windows, shutters, buildings hardware and curtain walling

- ISO TV 162 Doors and windows

- CEN TC 191 Fixed firefighting systems

- CEN TC 70 Manual means of firefighting