11 Nov 2018

The new Erasmus + Strategic Partnership Project on Education for Zero Waste and Circular Economy is  starting! The kick of meeting is organized by the project leader (AKETH- EG), in Trikala, Greece, on the 20 – 21st of November, with the participation of the following members: NCSPC, Atmoterm, Global Reach, StadtLabor, Enviros, LNEG, Prospektiker, EKOrast, and University of Maribor

Friends of the Earth Czech Republic criticise new Czech Waste Management Plan

22 Jan 2015

Czech government accepted in December 2014 new national Waste management plan for 2015-2024. Current municipal solid waste recycling ratio is 30 % (by Ministry of Environment data, by Eurostat less= two different data collection is another big problem of Czech Republic)


In new Waste management plan for 2015-2024 has been set municipal solid waste recycling target for 2020 only around 35 % (it is 50 % recycling for paper, plastic, glass and metal from municipal solid waste).


Retailers take action to prevent food waste

15 Nov 2012

Retailers have committed to take voluntary action in waste prevention, particularly on food waste. At the Retail Forum in Brussels on 10 October, 19 Retail Forum members pledged to run campaigns raising awareness on waste and food waste prevention and reduction. This initiative will complement relevant EU policies on waste, as set out in the Roadmap to a Resource-Efficient Europe, for example halving edible food waste by 2020, making waste a resource and virtually eliminating landfilling.

New rules on e-waste to boost resource efficiency

16 Aug 2012

Improved rules on the collection and treatment of e-waste has entered into force. E-waste (i.e. waste electrical and electronic equipment, or WEEE) is one the fastest growing waste streams, and it offers substantial opportunities in terms of making secondary raw materials available on the market. Systematic collection and proper treatment is a precondition for recycling materials like gold, silver, copper and rare metals in used TVs, laptops and mobile phones.

Stakeholder consultation on the evaluation of RoHS exemptions

20 Jul 2012

The European Commission is collecting contributions on exemptions from the substance restrictions in electrical and electronic equipment – the RoHS II Directive.


What a Waste: A Global Review of Solid Waste Management

7 Jun 2012

The World Bank has published a report on municipal solid waste providing consolidated data on its generation, collection, composition, and disposal by country and by region.


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Zero Waste Scotland nears Reality

9 Mar 2012

Author: Andrew T. Marlow, onePlanet Solutions Limited, UK


It is rewarding to see that Scotland is driving forward on all fronts, and not just the much publicised referendum on independence, but working to assist SMEs(Small Medium Sized Enterprises) to develop more effective recycling solutions for their businesses.


EC plans actions on waste law implementation

18 Jan 2012

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