What we can learn from the world’s greenest buildings

24 Sep 2013

Renowned green building author, Jerry Yudelson, offers five valuable lessons for designers, contractors, and building owners, based on a study of 55 high-performance projects from around the world.


Four out of five chinese cities fail to achieve resource efficient, sustainable growth

16 Sep 2013

Eighty percent of Chinese cities are failing to achieve a balance between economic growth, resource efficiency and sustainable development, according to a study by Accenture and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The joint research, covering 73 cities, also shows that China’s mid-sized cities are in the best position to achieve that balance in the future.

The True Raw Material Footprint of Nations

10 Sep 2013

The amount of raw materials needed to sustain the economies of developed countries is significantly greater than presently used indicators suggest, a new Australian study has revealed.


Using a new modelling tool and more comprehensive indicators, researchers were able to map the flow of raw materials across the world economy with unprecedented accuracy to determine the true "material footprint" of 186 countries over a two-decade period (from 1990 to 2008).


Eco-innovation opportunities in nine sectors of the EU economy

10 May 2012

The European Commission has recently published the study "Eco-innovation opportunities in nine sectors of the EU economy" performed by TNO under the Europe Innova (an initiative of DG ENTR).