An update on Europe’s progress towards sustainable development

7 Jan 2014

The fifth monitoring report on Sustainable Development in the European Union was published by Eurostat last week. This biennialal report gives insights into the actions taken so far by the European Union (EU) to achieve the objectives of the EU Sustainable Development Strategy and their impact, based on a number of sustainable development indicators.


EU resource efficiency improves but trend remains ‘volatile’

18 Dec 2013

The European Union generates €1.60 of economic value for each kilogramme of material consumed, compared to €1.34 a decade ago, but progress towards resource efficiency remains “volatile”, according to the EU’s statistics office.


The data, released by Eurostat 12 December, suggests that the European Union gradually ‘decoupled’ economic growth and its use of resources between the years 2000 and 2011.


Resource Efficiency Scoreboard released

10 Dec 2013

Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, has published for the first time the European Resource Efficiency Scoreboard. The scoreboard presents a set of 30 robust and easily understandable indicators for assessing the use of natural resources in the EU and for monitoring the progress towards a resource-efficient and circular economy.