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Call for papers - World Resources Forum 2015

3 Apr 2015

The World Resources Forum conference will take place in Davos, Switzerland, 11-14 October 2015. The overall theme of the conference is “Boosting Resource Productivity by adopting the Circular Economy” with key topics:


- Circular economy and decoupling
- Technological innovation, business and finance
- Targets, indicators, and benchmarks for resource use
- Lifestyles and education


The Call for papers has recently been published with submission deadline: 1st May 2015.


Europe’s green economy and other stories: what you may have missed in 2014

6 Jan 2015

As 2014 comes to a close, the European Environment Agency (EEA) looks back at some of the interesting findings from its work throughout the year.


In 2014 the EEA had a special focus on green economy and resource efficiency, looking at how Europe's economy can generate increasing prosperity while maintaining the natural systems that sustain us. New innovations could help the EU make such a transition, the EEA found.


Transforming jobs and skills for a resource efficient, inclusive and circular economy

11 Dec 2014

The 17th European Forum on Eco-innovation explored the dynamics of green jobs creation. More than 150 experts debated the potential of circular economy to drive businesses’ competitiveness and create employment.


Over the last decade 3 to 4.2 million jobs were created in European eco-industries. Recent studies at national level and for different sectors indicate a positive trend in employment generation coming from the transition to a resource efficient circular economy.


Building a resource-efficient and circular economy in Europe

9 Oct 2014

The European Environment Agency has published the report Signals 2014: Well-being and the Environment focusing on resource-efficient and circular economy in Europe. The report warns that we are extracting and using more resources than our planet can produce in a given time.


Green economy can encourage jobs and innovation

16 Jul 2014

Europe can create jobs and encourage innovation by using resources much more efficiently, according to a new report from the European Environment Agency which describes a range of policies with proven environmental and economic benefits.


The report 'Resource-efficient green economy and EU policies' considers how European economies can drive more efficient material resource use as part of the transition towards a 'green economy', a recently stated aim of the EU.


Natural resource prices increase as unsustainable consumption patterns continue

25 Jun 2014

According to the International Resource Panel's latest report, ‘Decoupling 2: Technologies, Opportunities and Policy Options’, current consumption patterns are rapidly depleting the world’s non-renewable resources. The report suggests that the increased prices for metal, rubber and energy – which have risen by 176%, 350% and 260% respectively since 2000 – demonstrate that the negative effects of the unsustainable use of natural resources are already being felt.


Green Action Plan for SMEs will boost resource efficiency

20 Jun 2014

A Green action plan for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to be published soon by the European Commission, will set out a series of measures that are proposed to be taken at European level to encourage resource efficiency among SMEs, to promote “green entrepreneurship” and to make it easier for SMEs to access domestic and international markets for eco-innovative products and services.


Feedback on Green Action Plan consultation

16 Apr 2014

The European Commission has published an overview of contributions received in response to a public consultation on the Green Action Plan for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The results will be used to shape actions aimed at promoting resource efficiency for and by SMEs, and will be included in the forthcoming Green Action Plan for SMEs.


Call for papers - World Resources Forum 2014

24 Mar 2014

The World Resource Forum 2014 conference will be held in Arequipa, Peru, October 19-22, 2014.


The abstract submission process started 18th March. Deadline for abstract submission is 25th April 25.


More information can be found in PREPARE Calendar.

Resource efficiency becomes EEA's topic for 2014

22 Jan 2014

This year sees the European Environment Agency (EEA) start a new five-year work programme and establish a new set of environmental policy priorities. The Multi Annual Work Programme will run from 2014 to 2018 and seeks to improve knowledge in areas related to EU environmental and climate policies already in place, and monitor progress towards the objectives and targets in Europe’s 2020 agenda.