project generation

FP7 Call

19 Jul 2012

The European Commission has published the final and biggest ever calls for proposals under its Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7). In total, €8.1 billion is available to support projects and ideas that will boost Europe's competitiveness and tackle issues such as improving human health, protecting the environment and finding new solutions to challenges arising, for example, from urbanisation and managing waste.


Energy Manager training

4 Dec 2011

Yet another project idea: Have a look in the Project Generation section (remember: you need to be logged in to access it), where Juan Aranda Uson has presented a project that relates to SME's within the Leonardo framework.


Give your comments, and let Juan know, if you are interested in joining the project.

Project ideas are trickling in

14 Oct 2011

Project proposals are trickling in, so we really think you should take a look at the three currently in the pipeline. One is initiated by Willi Sieber, Austria: Deals with ideas for the coming ERSCP 2012 in Bregenz. Another is initiated by Thomas Schönfelder, Poland (DEADLINE OCTOBER 24TH): Deals with energy policy. And the third has just been put online by Robert Minovski from Macedonia: Deals with vocational education and training + industrial engineering.


Remember: It is only possible to access the project ideas, when you are logged in.