Green Action Plan for SMEs will boost resource efficiency

20 Jun 2014

A Green action plan for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to be published soon by the European Commission, will set out a series of measures that are proposed to be taken at European level to encourage resource efficiency among SMEs, to promote “green entrepreneurship” and to make it easier for SMEs to access domestic and international markets for eco-innovative products and services.


European Energy Security Strategy released

6 Jun 2014

The European Commission has released its European Energy Security Strategy to address the importance of a stable and plentiful supply of energy for Europe’s citizens and economy. The strategy, which encompasses the European Union’s drive to ensure that energy supplies are uninterrupted and energy prices remain stable, was outlined by European Commission President, José Manuel Barroso, at a recent high-level conference on energy security (‘Paving the way for a European Energy Security Strategy’).


Feedback on Green Action Plan consultation

16 Apr 2014

The European Commission has published an overview of contributions received in response to a public consultation on the Green Action Plan for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The results will be used to shape actions aimed at promoting resource efficiency for and by SMEs, and will be included in the forthcoming Green Action Plan for SMEs.


EU has adopted seven-year environment strategy

29 Nov 2013

EU ministers and MEPs have signed into law the 7th Environment Action Programme, setting out the bloc’s long-term policy direction for the environment and climate.


Negotiators from the EU’s two law-making bodies yesterday (20 November) brought an end to discussions that have lasted for one year.


The programme, ‘Living well within the limits of our planet', aims to push the EU in the direction of so-called ‘green growth’, economic development that places as little burden on the environment as possible.


Priorities of the Danish Presidency in Environmental Field

31 Jan 2012

Speach by Danish Minister for the Environment, Ms. Ida Auken, in the Environmental Committee of the European Parliament 25th January 2012.