Circular Economy package will be ditched and re-tabled, despite protests

29 Jan 2015

The European Commission’s decision to ditch the Circular Economy package of waste, recycling and incineration laws, was confirmed, despite the objections of the EU Parliament and national environment ministers. Legal procedures to officially dump the legislation should be completed in the next couple of months, the Commission told EurActiv.


The final decision has been taken and nothing could be foreseen that would change the executive’s mind at this stage, EU sources said.


New EU-procurement rules place more emphasis on environmental considerations, social aspects and innovation

16 Jan 2014

New EU rules on public procurement and concession contracts approved by Parliament on Wednesday will ensure better quality and value for money when public authorities buy or lease works, goods or services. They will also make it easier for small and medium-sized firms to bid and include tougher provisions on subcontracting.


Towards a green economy in Europe

26 Jul 2013

European Environment Agency has published the report "Towards a green economy in Europe" that provides comprehensive overview of European Union environment policy targets and objectives.


EU legislation has established more than 130 separate environmental targets and objectives to be met between 2010 and 2050. Together, these can provide useful milestones supporting Europe’s transition towards a ‘green economy’.