Kaunas: Minutes online

27 Oct 2011

The minutes from the days in Kaunas are now available online along with a lot of presentations. Have a look in the Archive Remember: They are only available for paying members.

Kaunas: Presentations and photos

13 Oct 2011

Inga Gurauskiene, one of the organisers of the recent conference in Kaunas informs that the presentations of the conference
SCP2011 plenary session have been uploaded at the website of the Institute of Environmental Engineering


Links to the photos of the conference - see how many PREPARE-faces you can spot (it's a lot!):

Kaunas: Hotel deadline

30 Aug 2011

As many of our members and friends already know, PREPARE Core Group meeting, TRUST IN, CSI EU and the conference SCP: How to make it possible is coming up.


PREPARE online!

20 Aug 2011

All the hard work of PREPARE's fine members has paid off: PREPARE is online with a brand new website. We invite you to take a look around, and see what it does (registering as a user with a login, gives access to far more options and information). The site is still in beta, which means that the site will develop within the coming weeks. During the coming meeting in Kaunas, we will have a website-workshop, enabling you to get the most out of the new PREPARE website. Feel free to send us a comment on prepare-net [at] prepare-net [dot] com if you have suggestions or corrections.