European Parliament

New EU-procurement rules place more emphasis on environmental considerations, social aspects and innovation

16 Jan 2014

New EU rules on public procurement and concession contracts approved by Parliament on Wednesday will ensure better quality and value for money when public authorities buy or lease works, goods or services. They will also make it easier for small and medium-sized firms to bid and include tougher provisions on subcontracting.


European Parliament takes action to implement European CSR strategy

7 Feb 2013

The European Parliament is taking steps to implement the EU strategy 2011-2014 for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The strategy, released by the European Commission in October 2011, marked a further increase in government activity around corporate transparency, and an important milestone in the history of EU CSR policy.

A key focus of the strategy is improving companies’ disclosure of social and environmental information. It also encourages public authorities to take steps to improve disclosure of their own social and environmental performance.