Call for Tender - Technical support to the revision of Ecolabel and GPP criteria

24 Jul 2013

A new call for tender has been published that is intended to provide the Commission with services that support the revision of Ecolabel and Green Public Procurement criteria of 5 product groups:


- Lot 1: Cleaning services

- Lot 2: Wooden floor coverings

- Lot 3: Tourist accommodation and camp sites

- Lot 4: Dishwasher detergents and industrial and institutional automatic dishwasher detergents

- Lot 5: Laundry detergents and industrial and institutional laundry


Tender deadline: 14/08/2013.


New proposal for measurement of environmental performance of products and organisations

19 Apr 2013

Environmental footprint of products and organisations


The European Commission has put forward proposals to standardise measurements for assessing the environmental footprint of products and organisations. The new common standard will be based on life-cycle assessment and will reward the most resource-efficient products and organisations on the European market. The plans are designed to reduce confusion over product labelling among consumers and to reduce the cost to businesses of providing environmental information.