Eurobarometer survey reveals divided opinions in Europe on CSR

16 Apr 2013

A new Eurobarometer poll suggests that European citizens are divided in their opinion of the corporate world, with a significant proportion believing that companies are paying less attention to their impacts on society and the environment than they did 10 years ago. The survey, commissioned by the European Commission, Directorate-General Enterprise and Industry, questioned European citizens and other selected nationalities about the influence that companies have on their societies.


European Parliament takes action to implement European CSR strategy

7 Feb 2013

The European Parliament is taking steps to implement the EU strategy 2011-2014 for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The strategy, released by the European Commission in October 2011, marked a further increase in government activity around corporate transparency, and an important milestone in the history of EU CSR policy.

A key focus of the strategy is improving companies’ disclosure of social and environmental information. It also encourages public authorities to take steps to improve disclosure of their own social and environmental performance.


CSI EU project successfully finalised

26 Oct 2012

CSI EU was a partnership project generated within the PREPARE Network and implemented by several of its partners. The project main goal was to improve implementation of Social Responsibility in European SMEs by developing a practical guidance and trainings to implement ISO 26000.


As an output, it provides SMEs with a concrete learning portal that enables them to improve their performance on CSR.