Call for Papers The 13th International Scientific Conference SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND CURRENT CHALLENGES 2018: SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN SCIENCE, EDUCATION AND BUSINESS Thursday, 27 September 2018, Maribor, Slovenia, Europ

4 July, 2018

The red tape of the IRDO 2018 conference is a broader insight in what science and scientists, educators and managers can and must do for both the further development, a growing human standard of living, and diminishing the risks of crises (all way to the 3rd World War and caused/natural catastrophes).

The conference aims at dealing with what scientists, educators and managers can and must do to fight the causes of the basic difficulties. Those difficulties are results of rapid development, lack of socially responsible behaviour and need for change of the socio-economic system toward the end of one-sided impacts of different, also scientific achievements. Thus, the three basic concepts of social responsibility: (1) responsibility for one’s influences on society, (2) interdependence (of all components of human life), and (3) holistic approach (supposed to prevent crucial bad side-effects, such as a dangerous climate change, extreme differences of income and property, etc.) apply to science, business and education fully.

Authors are invited to submit their articles on subjects related to the economic, environmental, social and political aspects of social responsibility and sustainable development.